ゴールドに相当するイエローペンシルを4個受賞したのは、バーガーキング「Moldy Whopper」。その名の通り、「カビの生えたワッパー」である。美味しく作られたワッパーが日に日に変化し、34日目には青や白のカビで覆われた状態を撮影した映像とポスターが制作された。

メッセージは、「THE BEAUTY OF NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES」(人工保存料を使わない美しさ)。このビジュアルを通して、自社のワッパーに防腐剤を使用していないことを伝えている。また、バーガーキングはカルチャー部門でも、人気のサッカーゲーム「Fifa」を活用したキャンペーン「Stevenage」で、3個のイエローペンシルを受賞した。




・Integrated / Integrated/Medium Business (50-500 employees)
Expensify「Expensify This」(JohnXHannes)


・Media / Use of Press & Outdoor
Gazeta.pl「The Last Ever Issue」(VMLY&R)


・Media / Use of Direct
・PR / Public Affairs Campaign
The Female Company「The Tampon Book: A Book Against Tax Discrimination」(Scholz & Friends Berlin)


・Media / Use of Press & Outdoor
・Experiential / Public Environments
Mumbai Police「The Punishing Signal」(FCB India)


・Media / Use of Digital
・Digital / Creative Use of Social Media
Black & Abroad「Go Back To Africa」(FCB/SIX)


・Media / Use of Micro-Talent/Influencers
Vice UK「LoFi Beats Suicide」(McCann London)


・Film Advertising / Social Commercials over 30 seconds
・Film Advertising / Writing for Film Advertising
Sandy Hook Promise「Back to School Essentials」(BBDO New York)


・Film Advertising / TV Commercials 61-120 seconds
・Entertainment / Audio
IKEA「IKEA – Silence the Critics」(Mother London)


・Art Direction / Art Direction for Outdoor Advertising
・PR / Integrated Campaign
・PR / Multi-Market Campaign
・Press & Outdoor / Press Advertising Campaigns
・Press & Outdoor / Poster AD Campaigns
Burger King「Moldy Whopper」(INGO Stockholm/David The Agency Miami/Publicis / INGO Stockholm/ David Miami/Publicis)



・Art Direction for Branded Apps & Games
・Art Direction for In-Game Advertising
・Entertainment / Games
Unesco「History Blocks」(Africa)


・Art Direction / Art Direction for Film Advertising
・Direction / Film Advertising
Apple「Apple – AirPods – Bounce」(Apple / TBWA\Media Arts Lab\Apple / TBWA\Media Arts Lab / Pulse Films / Framestore)


・Art Direction / Art Direction for Direct
・Branding / Brand Expression in Print
illinois Council Against Handgun Violence「The Gun Violence History Book」(FCB Chicago)


・Digital / Creative Use of Data
Volkswagen「Volkswagen Road Tales」(Achtung! / Isobar)


・Digital / Creative e-Commerce
The Big Issue「Pay It Forward」(FCB Inferno)


・Digital / Creative Use of Data
Central Office for Public Interest「addresspollution.org」(AMVBBDO)


Direction / Film Advertising / 2020
Apple / SMUGGLER「The Underdogs」(Apple)


・Sound Design & Use of Music / Existing Music
Facebook「Never Lost」(Droga5 New York)


・Production Design / Film Advertising
Lacoste「Crocodile Inside」(Iconoclast Paris / BETC Paris)


・Direct / Direct Innovation
ANZ Bank「Mr Humfreez」(TBWA New Zealand)


・ Direct / Direct Response/Film
・Entertainment / Use of Micro-Talent/Influencers
March For Our Lives「Generation Lockdown」(McCann New York)


Yellow Pencil / Experiential / Out-of-Home
Nike「Air Max Graffiti Stores」(AKQA São Paulo)


・Press & Outdoor / Interactive Sites Poster Advertising
Nestlé Purina PetCare / Nestlé PURINA / Nestlé Purina PetCare Company「PURINA – Street Vet」(McCann Paris)


・PR / Use of Digital & Social Media
BT Sport「Unscripted」(Wunderman Thompson)


・PR / Use of Events & Stunts
Visit Faroe Islands「Faroe Islands – Closed for maintenance」(Mensch & Sanser)


・Experiential / Gamification
・Digital / In-Game Advertising
・Direct / Direct Response/Digital
Burger King「Stevenage」(DAVID Madrid / DAVID Miami)



・Entertainment / Fiction Film 5-30 mins
Adobe「The #MoviePosterMovie Contest」(Pereira O’Dell)


・Entertainment / Writing for Entertainment
Getty Images「COMA – A GettyImages Original Series」(AlmapBBDO)



・Product Design / Promotional
KMSZ (Bone Marrow Donation Center)「Life Lolli」(BBDO Group Germany)


・Product Design / Promotional
13th Street Winery「Subjectif」(LG2 Toronto / lg2)


・Spatial Design / Installation Design
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence「Most Dangerous Street」(FCB Chicago)


・Typography / Printed Materials
Theatre Hours「Acting Identitiy」(TBWA Istanbul)


・Spatial Design / Installation Design
Arnold Worldwide「In Someone Else’s Shoes」(Santander Group / Santander Bank)


・Spatial Design / Exhibition Design


・Branding / Multiplatform TV Branding & Promotions
Channel 4「Complaints Welcome」(4creative)


・Branding / Campaign Branding & Identity
LADbible Group「The Illegal Blood Bank」(ELVIS)


・Branding / Sonic Branding
Copenhagen Pride「Meet Q, The Genderless Voice」(VIRTUE)


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