John Jayに聞く — ポートランドと、人工知能と、いい写真を撮る唯一の方法。


好き勝手に綴っている本コラムも、第5回目。前回に続き今回も対談形式です、お相手はファーストリテイリング グローバルクリエイティブ統括のジョン・ジェイ(John C Jay – President of Global Creative at Fast Retailing) 。不定期にいきなりメールをくれたり、気まぐれで「いいね!」をくれたりする、2015年にW+Kからファーストリテイリングに移籍した“ゴットファーザー”と、台本一切なしの対談をお送りします。

インタビューは、PortlandにあるFast Retailing Global Creative Labにて。


Shinya Kamata:
I’ve emailed you to catch up for this interview several weeks ago but you seemed busy. Then, last week, you randomly liked my Instagram so I emailed you again, I want your 1 hour more than a rare Instagram like from you!

(2週間ほど前にこのインタビューのために時間を取れないかとメールした時は忙しかったみたいですが、そのあと先週、Instagramで僕がアップした写真に 「いいね!」をくれたので、Johnからのレアな「いいね!」よりも、1時間のアポイントの方が欲しいよ!ってまたメールしたんですよね。)

John C Jay:


Today, I will ask you a few things about CHANGES around us. Let’s start from something about Portland. I assume this town is also changing with many investments since when you moved to here over 20 years ago. It’s becoming like New York, Brooklyn? Drastically changing by so many investments. What do you feel?


Well, you’re an expert on Portland, you’ve written two books about Portland already. I should interview you about Portland.


Haha, I know only bars.


I think at some point you have to understand that if you do not grow, you die and by the way, everything dies. It’s the wonderful thing that mother nature teaches you, entire forests will die and then over decades, it will come back stronger… that’s the purpose of nature. We like to think that things can stay forever but nothing is forever, so change is good I think. It’s painful right now, it’s very painful because many people are afraid of losing our core values of this place, but what do the core values mean? Does it mean that we must stay small? Does it mean that your hopes must stay small, does it mean that your ambition must stay small?




When you compare our financial ability as a city to support cultural institutions, we just don’t have the money. We only have one, I think, one Fortune 500 company here, but you go to Minneapolis, you go to Seattle, you see all those corporations, that’s why they have the museums and the symphony and all of that. It becomes a balancing act of how ambitious do you want to be? Some people would like just to ‘close the gate behind us’ …meaning you discovered Portland, now you want to shut the door and don’t let anyone else come in. As if you discovered Portland but you didn’t discover Portland, people long before you discovered the city but everyone wants to shut the gate.

(文化的施設をサポートするための街としての経済力という観点で考えてみると、我々(ポートランド)はお金がない。ここにはFortune 500*に載るような会社は1社くらいしかないだろう。


英語に「後ろのドアを閉めてしまう」という言い回しがある。つまり、ポートランドにやってきて、探索して、なのにこれから来る人を入れなくするためにそのドアは閉ざしてしまう。 先にこの街にやってきた人が皆、自分たちが入ってきたドアを閉じて、新らたに人がもう入ってこないようにしたがったりするわけだ。)


I personally think a lot of the new things that are happening, as challenging as it is, is good… challenging the status quo is good, new ideas are coming in. Just in terms of Japanese food, it’s improving, just that tiny little idea in itself. I think the change is good but it’s painful. For example, we’re losing a lot of the old structures.


Do you mean architecture?


Yes, I’m talking about the old buildings, we’re losing a lot of them and that’s unfortunately more than just money.

How much government do you need? Do you want to protect these old buildings and so forth and so on, so this whole issue of gentrification is painful here. The city is going through a growth spurt, now that may stop soon, we don’t know but nothing can stay that high. A lot of people are waiting, is the real estate bubble going to burst here? People can’t afford homes.

(そう、建物自体のことを言っている。残念ながら不動産投資によって、多くの古い建物が失われている。行政がどれくらいそれ(新しい建物)を必要なのか、古い建築物はどの程度守るべきなのか・・・今の再開発(ダウンタウンを中心に高層ビルの建築が急激に始まっている)は 痛みを伴っている。


I believe it’s still way better than San Francisco or New York but it’s becoming difficult for young people live alone around downtown.


That’s not the Portland that we knew 20 years ago, it’s not easy…the homeless problem is acute here but it is a problem all over the country. But where do you go? You need that cultural vibrancy. It’s still so interesting to see so many new people come here and discover it, that people think that Portland’s so wonderful. It’s nice to hear that from newcomers, because they help remind you of maybe things that we don’t see.

(それは20年前に私たちが知っていたポートランドではない。簡単な話ではない・・・この街のホームレス問題は深刻だ。ただそれはこの街だけではなく、国全体で同じことが起こっている。だとすればどこに行けばいいというのだ?文化的な活気は必要だし、まだここにはたくさんの 新しい興味深いものがある。だから人々は、ポートランドが素晴らしいと言う。新しく移り住んでくる人たちがいることは嬉しいし、我々がこの街で見えていなかったことを彼らが気付かせてくれるかもしれない。)

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